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Tricky Puzzles - combine them!


The individual cards or jigsaw shows two inward-facing front and two outwardly facing buttocks in four different colors and / or patterns. It's about all the cards to orden so that at the end all the pieces fit together and thus give a coherent picture. back-to-back or head-to-head combinations are not allowed. The puzzle combinations are more rapidly dissolved, the more achievements are unlocked.At the beginning of each round all the puzzle are mixed, and then it starts.
Who "The tricky witch game", "The tricky dog game" or "The tricky turtle game" knows the placement games and likes will like this combination puzzler. So if you are looking for a challange for your brain and your combination gift, you will certainly not be disappointed.
There is a small "How to Play" to learn the game mechanics.
In Easy Mode you expect 2x2 puzzle that must be solved. Here you can see if your combination ability exists already.
The Normal mode is the classic 3x3 game, which is quite challenging. Not as easy to solve as the easy mode of course. So patience will be the key to success.
The following modes are coming soon:In Hard Mode It is really difficult. When the normal mode is too easy, you can show what you really can here.
Special Mode There will be special puzzle to solve,
Other planned:2 new puzzle for the Easy Mode2 new puzzle for the normal mode forand many more...
So take up the challenge, test your combination ability in this tricky puzzle game.Challenge your family and friends, and show your skills in the high score lists.
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